Types of Aquarium Filtration

Get to know Sugar Glider

Filtration system functions to pull out waste materials from an aquarium as well as stabilize the water chemistry in the best quality for the livestock. To choose a filtration system is based on several factors which include the aquarium size, amount of bioloads and personal preferences.....read more
The sugar glider has been domestically bred as household pets in the past 15 years, and nowadays are available as an adorable exotic pet to have. The sugar glider got its name for its sweet savor that includes fruits and vegetables, and their gliding membrane.....read more

Cat Care: Fleas & Ticks

Lightings for Planted Aquarium

Cats are naturally self-groomer. However, they can be infected with fleas and ticks if not properly groomed or due to dirty surroundings. Fleas and ticks are parasites that live in host skin to feed on their blood. Although they are little in size, they carry harmful virus.....read more
Plants require a light source to undergo photosynthesis. A good light source will affect their growth and health. Moreover, it ensures a healthy growth of other inhabitants other than enhancing the aquarium display. Hence, lightings are a very important feature in a planted aquarium setup. Without proper light, plants growth.....read more

Protein Skimmer

Pond Issue: Green Water

A protein skimmer is an equipment installed for the treatment of water from the marine tank. Filtration may give justice to the treatment of water, but protein skimmer benefits a lot more compared to filtering. It removes organic compounds using fine bubbles produced by agitation. Organic compounds.....read more
Green water is one of the issues that pond owners may encounter occurring in their pond. Pond being exposed to sunlight with low planting or mix with algae-infected water is suspected for green water to occur. Uncontrolled blooming of the algae will cause a development of green water.....read more

Owning a Siberian Husky

Get to Know the Chameleon

The Siberian Husky is a very active dog with high energy and is very playful. It is one of the most popular dog breeds because of its exquisite features such as soft double coat fur and stunning face that resembles a wolf. They are not suited for a guard dog because they will welcome.....read more
The chameleon is a unique reptile with a wide variety of species which can be found largely in Madagascar, followed by Africa, Asia, Southern Europe and some places including India, Sri Lanka and North America. There are many different types of chameleon can be found. Amongst.....read more