A1674 GLO T5 Marine-Glo Linear Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb 39W (85cm)

Out Of Stock A1674 GLO T5 Marine-Glo Linear Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb 39W (85cm)

A1674 GLO T5 Marine-Glo Bulb (39W) aquarium bulb replicates the essential actinic blue wavelengths that corals and other photosynthetic invertebrates require.Marine-GLO is recommended in combination with Life-GLO or Power-GLO or for situations calling for added actinic blue spectrum. The bulb is compact in size – two T5 HO bulbs require only approximately as much space as one T8 bulb, facilitating installation as a supplementary actinic source for marine reefs. 

Key Features:

  • The strong blue light is also effective at enhancing fish colours, accentuating blue and violet tones
  • The bulb produces strong actinic blue spectral peaks
  • Highly recommended for photosynthetic corals and other marine life
  • Size - 85cm in length
  • For 3ft tank
Light Specs
Voltage 220V - 240V / 50/60Hz
Watt 30 to 39.9 W
Color Blue

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