Azoo Arowana Live Water - 250ml

Out Of Stock Azoo Arowana Live Water - 250ml

Azoo Arowana Live Water is specially formulated for the best care of Arowana and ancient fish.

Key Features:

  • Complete protection for Arowana and ancient fish that quickly eliminate ammonia, chloramines, residual chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxic substance
  • Contain a variety of organic matters and almond leaf extract that boost fish immunity against pathogens
  • Simulate the water quality of their native environment to quicken adaptation and to enhance body color
  • A good pH buffer to help reduce pH fluctuation during water change
  • Special formula that forms a protective film around the fish's body and gills
  • Protect wound from infection and aid in healing process
  • Contain abundant B vitamins, which help to improve metabolism and strengthen immunity
  • Encourage healthy development and keep them in good shape
  • 250ml treats 2500L
  • For freshwater use
Conditioner Specs
  • vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, sodium bicarbonate, citrus extract, citric acid
  • humic acid, terminalia catappa leaves extract and distilled water
  • One capful = 20ml
  • Inner cap = 5ml
  • Inner scale = 1ml per line
  • Pour near the outlet of the filter
  • For regular use : add 10ml per 100L of water once per week
  • After water change : add 10ml per 100L of water
  • 250ml

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