Azoo Fish Vitamins - 120ml

Out Of Stock Azoo Fish Vitamins - 120ml

Azoo Vitamins is specially formulated to help fish adapt to a new environment and strengthen breeding ability.

Key Features:

  • Contains condensed vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, D, E and glucan
  • Promotes fish metabolism and resistance to disease
  • Cures illnesses caused by feeding the same fish food in a long term
  • Essential nutritious additive for using on regular basis
  • Suitable for freshwater, aquatic plants, saltwater and reef aquariums

Recommended for:

  • All tropical fish
Aquarium Food Specs
Food Type
  • Vitamins
  • One capful = 20ml, inner cap = 5ml
  • Add 10ml per 100L of water once week or after a water change
  • For treatment : Add 10ml per 100L of water everyday
  • For breeding aquarium : Add 10ml per 100L of water everyday (7 days before starting of breeding process)
  • Introducing new fish : Add 20ml per 100L of water
  • 120ml

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