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Birds are generally less picky with food than many types of other pets are, but that is not to say that an owner can go easy on the nutritional needs of these feathered pets. At Harvest Fish and Pets, we supply a variety of pet bird food specially formulated to fulfil the nutritional needs of various types and sizes of pet birds.

Safe, hygienic, and filled with vitamins essential for bird growth, these bird food products will enable birds to have better bone and muscle health, more vibrant and shiny feathers, greater resistance to diseases and illnesses, as well as develop better voices. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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3060 Emas 10 Sunflower Seeds 1Kg - American Black Stripe

Key Features:The most popular choice of seed for both pet and wild birds100% natural and freshSource..


3155 Emas 10 Gaiety Spray Millets 200gm

Key Features: Natural sun-ripened sprays For all caged & outdoor birds Ideal for growi..


3320 Emas 10 Clean Mix Seeds Bird Food 1Kg

Emas 10 Clean Mix Seed For Bird is help to nurture the health and beauty of birds. Key Featu..


4000 Emas 10 Dehydrated Meal Worms 75gm - Eggs & Honey

Key Features:Dehydrated mealy wormsOffer natural nutrition for your birdLive meal worms heated and d..


8000 Bengy Dehydrated Meal Worms 75gm - Egg & Honey

Key Features:Dehydrated meal wormsOffer natural nutrition for your petsLive meal worms heated and de..


80441 Living World Large Parrot Food 1.7Kg

Key Features:A gourmet formula of the highest quality blendBlend from seeds, grains, naturally grown..


80530 Living World Tropican Parrot 820gm - Formula Granules

Living World Tropican Formulas are all made in Canada and undergo rigorous 3-stage testing. This pro..


B2403 Hagen Finch Staple VME Seed 1.36Kg

Key Features:Contains only the highest quality seeds blended in a perfect balance for the nutritiona..


Cosy Pet Sunflower Seeds 350gm

Key Features:Good source of protein and fat supplementHelps to improve coat condition while adding s..


Emas 10 3-in-1 Madu Campur 300gm

Emas 10 3-in-1 Madu Campur contain necessary ingredient to help maintain your bird's feather. Key F..