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Birds, especially herbivorous ones, have relatively simpler diets compared that of other pet animals like dogs and cats; this means that they might not get all the necessary nutrients and might need an extra boost from other sources. Knowing this, Harvest Fish and Pets supply a variety of pet products and accessories for birds, which include vitamin supplements and shampoo for birds.

Specifically formulated to have all the essential ingredients for suiting the needs of these feathered creatures, these products, through supplementing diets and keeping their bodies clean, will serve as vital items to ensure your pet bird stay healthy, lively and happy. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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3228 Emas 10 Bird Vitamin 120ml

Key Features:Multivitamins for birdsHelps to avoid sicknessBalance the vitamin requirementAvoid diar..


3788 Emas 10 Syampu Wangi & Melembutkan Bulu Burung 120ml

Key Features:A shampoo product for your parrot and other pet birdsProvide a healthier and glowing fe..


82155 Living World Domestic Bird Bath 170gm

Key Features:For caged birdsProvides a fast and effective way to kill lice and mitesSafe and easy to..


Lucky Star Bird Vitamin 15ml

Key Features:Improves appetite and absorption of nutrition in digestive systemPromote health after r..


Lucky Star Pets Vitamin 250ml

Key Features:A supplementary tonicGood for before and after breeding bird, vacation, etcFor a health..


Sing Song Bird Tetra 250ml - Sickness

Key Features:Use for treatment of birdsSuitable for all types of birdTreatment includes lost of voic..


Sing Song Bird Tick 250ml - Lice

Key Features: Provide effective solution for birds with lice infection Easy to use Safe for bir..