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302 Lucky Star Dedak Ayam Serama Rooster Food 1Kg

Lucky Star Brand Dedak Ayam Serama is a balanced diet and appropriate food for rooster. Key Featu..


7338 Emas 10 Vitamin For Chicken 120ml

Emas 10 Vitamin for Chicken helps to keep the chichken from sickness. Key Features: ..


7410 Bag Ayam Laga - Chicken Bag (40.6cm x 19.5cm x 27.9cm)

Key Features:Beautiful bag for chickenHand carry sizeMade from quality materialSuitable for various ..


7445 Food Dish Compartment For Chicken (25 Inch x 3 Inch x 2.5 Inch) - Large

Key Features:Food dish compartment for chickenSize : 25'' L x 3'' W x 2.5'' HAvailable in blue color..


7788 Emas 10 Ayam Serama Shampoo For Chicken 120ml

Key Features: Provide a healthy skinSoften fur of the chickens Lice are not easy to approach..


7789 Emas 10 Fish Oil For Cockfight & Serama - 120ml

Emas 10 Fish Oil For Cockfight & Serama helps to build strong bones and healthy body. Ke..


Bayer PremiseĀ® Cockroach Gel Control Bait 30gm

New technology in cockroach control This product is a cockroach insecticide in the form of white ..


Medion 102 Tetra-Chlor Vitamin For Cockfight - 10 Capsule

Key Features:Capsule contain antibiotic, vitamin and mineralEffective to cure illness in chickenHeal..


Medion 106 Supertop Extra Power For Cockfight - 10 Capsule

SuperTop  Extra Power  is one of the product formulated into capsules for rooster cockfigh..


Medion 107 Super Power For Cockfight - 10 Capsule

Key Features:Increase strength during cockfightIncrease breathing rate and resistance to painMakes f..


Nutri-coat Nutritional Coat & Skin Conditioner 200gm

Nutri-coat nutritional supplement is enriched with Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids for d..