Bayer Premise® Cockroach Gel Control Bait 30gm

Bayer Premise® Cockroach Gel Control Bait 30gm

New technology in cockroach control

This product is a cockroach insecticide in the form of white toothpaste like gel bait. Once applied to surface the bait spots(placement) maintain their shape and do not run, even in very warm locations.Over the several weeks the gel placements may develope a "skin", but they still remain soft and attractive to cockroaches. This gel bait does not leave dirty or oily marks on surface, should apply at place where cockroaches hide. Spots of bait that have been placed incorrectly can be easily removed with 5% salt solution. Do not apply gel to fabrics or carpets as they may become sticky and attract dirt.

Product Advantages:

  • Long term softness means long term palatability
  • No drying out
  • Good sticking properties
  • No odour, no stains, no irritation
  • Ready to use syringe
  • 100% cockroach control with only one product 
  • Clean, white color
  • The most widely sold insecticidal active ingredient now available in gel formulation
  • Economic usage, each spot at about 5mm in diameter only

Customer Benefits:

  • Customer buys proven and well researched efficacy and security
  • Protection of surroundings and business with one product for all applications
  • SAFETY for the user and clients, kids, family members and pets
  • No need for special application equipment and convenience with one hand application
  • Long term protection against cockroaches
  • Protection against contaminationof surroundings
  • Application on ceilings possible, without risk of fall down
  • Wide application possibilities, even on sensitive surfaces or in sensitive areas
  • Sanitary appearance and confidence for the product spot

Comparing to other sprays:

  • Increase contrast for better visiblity due to the white color
  • Long lasting on-going protection, lasting for several weeks without losing the shape or the palatability to cockroaches
  • No insecticide smell
  • No chemical drift
  • Much more money saving
Additional Information
FEATURE Cockroach Control
  • Apply the bait to their harborages, cracks and crevices, edges and corners of walls, cupboards, cabinets, under sink and area where cockroaches are active
  • Monitor regularly
  • Reapply as required or when eaten-off by cockroaches
WEIGHT RANGE Below 100gm

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