DoPhin ECO6500 Innovative Energy Saving Wet / Dry Pump - 6500 L/H

DoPhin ECO6500 Innovative Energy Saving Wet / Dry Pump - 6500 L/H
Dophin ECO6500 Energy Saving Pump is an innovative energy saving pump.
Key Features:
  • Super quiet operation
  • With wear-resistant ceramic shaft
  • Dual function with wet and dry use
  • Unique design with powerful flow rates
  • High performance with longer operation life
  • Super energy saving, low energy consumption
  • Easy handle for placement and retrieval from tank/pond
  • 4 outlet diameters of 1 inch (25mm), 1.25 inch (32mm), 1.5 inch (38mm) and 1.75 inch (45mm) 
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater

Failure Shot


Probable Situations Reasons Treatment Method
Cannot start


  • Power supply is unplug
  • Pump head damage
  • The impeller stuck by foreign objects



  • Connect the power supply
  • Replace the new power head
  • Take out the foreign object


  • Impeller shaft is worn off
  • Impeller and propeller is broken
  • The propeller is stuck by foreign object



  • Replace a new impeller
  • Replace a new impeller
  • Clean the foreign object
Low water output
  • Inlet valve is stuck by foreign object
  • The magnetism of the impeller is poor
  • Clean the inlet valve
  • Replace a new impeller


  • Pump cannot work after plug in
  • No need to unplug
  • Just wait for a moment and the pump can work


Filter & Pump Specs
  • 220V - 240V & 50Hz
  • 70W
Max Output
  • 6500 L/H
Max Height
  • 2M
Water Flow Adjuster
  • Not Available
Filter Media Included
  • Not Included
Inlet Diameter
  • 1 Inch (25mm)
  • 1.25 Inch (32mm)
  • 1.5 Inch (38mm)
  • 1.75 Inch (45mm)
  • Before using the product, please check if there is any damage on the power cord. If yes, please do not use the product
  • To avoid default, please use the product under the regulated voltage and frequency
  • Please do not plug or pull the the power cord if your hands are wet
  • When maintaining or moving the product or when there is any abnormal situation, please turn off the power first
  • Please make sure the plug and socket are protected away from water
  • Please keep the power cord to be "U" shape to avoid the water from going inside the socket along the power cord
  • Please do not re-quip the product, to avoid any default
  • It is suggested to clean the impelller once a month, as the dirt will effect the lifetime of the impeller
  • Impeller is easily wornout item, it is sugessted to replace once a year
  • This product should not work without water
  • If use in marine water, please periodically remove the crystal on the product or power cord in order to avoid electric leakage
  • 20.5cm x 14.5cm x 27.5cm
Cord Length
  • 248cm
Plug Type
  • Type G

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