UBF-9000 Jebao Classic UV-C (11W) Bio Filter (38cm x 28cm x 48cm)

Out Of Stock UBF-9000 Jebao Classic UV-C (11W) Bio Filter (38cm x 28cm x 48cm)
The UBF-9000 Jebao Classic UV-C (11W) is an outstanding biological filter and UV clarifier combination that produces clean and clear water for healthy fish and plants to survive.

The built in UV steriliser will destroy green water algae for a cleaner healthier pond. Water passes through the highly effective UV clarifier and exposes the impurities in the water to UV light. A viewing window is present to safely check the correct functioning of the UVC. The aerated water passes through the foam layers which extract larger pieces of debris and helpful bacteria which have established themselves on the bio ball filter medium digest the small particles of organic debris.

Key Features:
  • Includes 3 coarse grade filter foams and plastic biological filter media
  • Partly burying the filter to make it less conspicuous is possible due to the high outlet pipe
  • Integral 50mm sludge drains for easy removal of waste
  • Outlet pipe which can feed directly back into the pond or can be used at the head of a waterfall
  • Clip on lid with built-in 11 Watt UV light
  • Recommended pump 4500 L/H (sold separately)
Filter & Pump Specs
FEATURE UV Sterilizer
Voltage 220V - 240V & 50/60Hz
UV Power 10 to 19.9 W
Filter Media Included
  • Sponge x 1
  • Bio Ball
Inlet Diameter 20mm / 25mm / 32mm / 38mm
Outlet Diameter 50mm
  • 38cm x 28cm x 48cm
Cord Length 492cm
Plug Type Type I
Tank Size 8001 to 10000 L

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