PT871 Laguna Clear Fast 473ml

Out Of Stock PT871 Laguna Clear Fast 473ml

Laguna Clear Fast contains a special fast-acting formula that quickly clears cloudy or discoloured pond water and eliminates pea-soup-like water conditions.

Key Features:

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Clumps debris for removal by mechanical filtration
  • 473ml treats 2, 500 U.S. Gal
  • For pond water treatment only

Additional Information
FEATURE Cloudy & Green Away

  • During hot weather or warm water temperatures, strong aeration is recommended to avoid fish stress due to oxygen depletion that may result in fish loss
  • With proper filtration and aeration Clear Fast is safe and effective

  • Use 50ml per 265 U.S. Gal of water
  • Use doser cap provided for an accurate measurement
  • If the cloud remains after 24 hour period, a second dose may be required
WEIGHT RANGE 400 to 499 ml

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