Red Sea Reef Energy A 500ml (Carbohydrate Nutrition)

New Red Sea Reef Energy A 500ml (Carbohydrate Nutrition)

Red Sea Reef Energy A 500ml (Carbohydrate Nutrition) - Carbohydrate supplement of dissolved and suspended energy sources

Key Features:

  • Unique formulation of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and suspended protein flocks which are available for direct consumption and absorption by the corals
  • Promotes the micro bacterial fauna that naturally populates the coral tissue and will increase mucus production
  • Does not introduce any unnecessary organic material to the system
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Q: I'm dosing Reef Energy via dosing pumps. Can I add both A & B together to save on a dosing pump?

A: No. While Reef Energy can be mixed just prior to dosing, it should not be mixed for storage, as there will be an interaction between the two Reef Energy products rendering them ineffective.

Q: I am dosing NO3-PO4-X and waiting for my nitrate level to come down. Do I have to wait to get to the recommended nitrate concentration before dosing Reef Energy?

A: No. Reef Energy is a complete coral food and can be dosed in to any type of system at our recommended levels. However significant over-dosing can increase the NO₃ and PO₄ levels leading to excessive algae growth and a bio-film covering live rocks.

Q: When dosing Reef Energy, the aquarium the water goes a light yellow / green color. Is this normal?

A: This is the normal color of the liquid. The color of the aquarium water quickly returns to normal.

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