Red Sea Reef Foundation C 1kg (Magnesium)

New Red Sea Reef Foundation C 1kg (Magnesium)

Red Sea's Reef Foundation C (Magnesium)- Magnesium supplement for balanced formation of coral skeleton.

Key Features:

  • Provide elements to balanced proportions for coral health and growth
  • Contains blended salts of Calcium, Strontium and Barium in the ration required by corals


  • Liquid supplement: 1ml will raise the Mg level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 1ppm
  • Powder supplement: 1g will raise the Mg level of 100 liters (25 gal) 1.34ppm 1 kg will make 1.7L of stock solution
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Q: Can I add all Foundation Elements at once?

A: No. It is important that the Foundation Elements are dosed at least 10 minutes apart, in order to prevent any precipitation issues. The correct order to dose in is: Magnesium (Foundation C) then Carbonate (Foundation B) and Calcium (Foundation A)

Q: Should I use substrate?

A: You can set up your reef tank with or without a substrate at the bottom. We recommend using substrate, ideally an Aragonite-based substrate as it helps keep the water chemistry balanced. As Aragonite dissolves slowly in water, it releases calcium ions and carbonates that help maintain proper pH and alkalinity for good coral growth. In an established tank, when the substrate matures, it takes on the characteristics of “live sand” inhabited by millions of microorganisms. These creatures promote a successful aquarium, aiding the biological filtration processes of nitrification, denitrification and the consumption/decomposition of uneaten food. The substrate also provides a natural habitat for small worms and crustaceans that help clean the tank from detritus and play a major role in the delicate ecosystem’s food chain.

Q: Why can't I just use <b>Foundation ABC+ without using the individual Foundation A, B, & C Supplements?

A: Reef Foundation ABC+ is formulated according to the expected Foundation Element uptake of an “average” reef aquarium. In practice no 2 aquariums are identical and therefore the actual uptake will differ from the ABC+ formula however the differences will only be significant over a period of time. Using ABC+ reduces the number of supplements that need to be added on a daily basis but it is still necessary to do a weekly adjustment with all of the individual supplements to keep all of the Foundation Elements at optimal levels.

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