Despite their rough exterior, reptiles are actually every bit as sensitive and delicate as mammals are, and require a dwelling that is of the right temperature and humidity to stay healthy and lively. Knowing that, Harvest Fish and Pets supplies a range of specialized monitoring tools to keep your reptile terrarium’s conditions in check.

These reptile-rearing accessories available online in the form of thermometers and hygrometers are designed and crafted, specifically to be used inside reptile terrariums. Sturdy, durable, accurate, and easy to use, these accessory products will prove indispensable as a reptile terrarium’s monitoring tools, which in turn will tell how well your pet is doing. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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PT2465 Exo Terra Analog Thermometer

The Exo Terra Analog Thermometer is great for monitoring your reptile's terrarium temperature leve..


PT2466 Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer

The Exo Terra Analog Hygrometer allows you to carefully monitor the humidity level in your terrari..


PT2470 Exo Terra Thermometer And Hygrometer - Combometer

The Exo Terra Digital Thermo-Hygrometer is a 2-in-1 precision instrument, equipped with a remote..


PT2472 Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

The Exo Terra Digital Thermometer is equipped with a remote sensor for accurate measurement and ..


PT2477 Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer

The Exo Terra Digital Hygrometer are each equipped with a remote sensor for accurate measurement..