Aquaforest AF Build - 50ml

Aquaforest AF Build - 50ml
Key Features:
  • Growth acceleration
  • Speeds up the adsorption of calcium and carbon required for building up coral skeleton
  • Contains iodides, carbonates, calcium
  • Maintains correct pH level in aquariums
  • Improves water clarity
  • It lowers the levels of undesirable hair algae
  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic blue-green algae
  • Made in Poland

Aquarium Supplement Specs
  • Iodides, carbonates, calcium
  • 1 drop per 100L (27 US gallon) a day when light is off
  • Shakethe bottle before use
  • Recommended to use in conjunction with AF Energy
  • The product is intended solely for aquarium use
  • Store in dry and cool place away from light
  • Keep away from children
  • 50ml

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Key Features:Growth accelerationSpeeds up the adsorption of calcium and carbon required for building..
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