Coral reefs, which take a long time and lots of calcium carbonate to form, can easily turn lacklustre, and even die off, due to slight changes in pH and water temperature. As such, it is crucial to ensure your aquarium products are capable of maintaining balance of your aquarium water conditions, for rearing these delicate marine animals.

At Harvest Fish and Pets, we supply a wide selection of aquarium products for rearing corals, specially formulated to not only provide all the nutrients and minerals necessary for rearing corals, but also maintain ideal water conditions, thus allowing your plant-like beautiful marine creatures to grow in a healthy, vibrant manner. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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Aquaforest Micro E - 50ml

Aquaforest Micro E is a supplement containing concentrated heavy metals - manganese, vanadium, zinc,..


Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt - 800gm

Key Features:Maintain constant levels of minerals in coral reef aquariaSuitable for saltwater M..


Aquaforest Strontium - 10ml

Aquaforest Strontium is a supplement containing concentrated strontium. Strontium, beside calci..


Aquaforest Strontium - 50ml

Aquaforest Strontium is a supplement containing concentrated strontium. Strontium, beside calci..


Continuum Basis KH Alkalinity Boosting Buffer Liquid - 250ml

The Continuum Advantage:Basis KH Liquid Buffer for professional is a high quality, multi-component b..


Continuum Reef Basis Iodide - 250ml

The Continuum Advantage:Reef•Basis Iodide is a stabilized, safe iodide supplement, designed to nouri..


Continuum Reef Basis Magnesium Liquid - 250ml

The Continuum Advantage: Reef•Basis Magnesium is a high quality, ionically balanced solution of hyd..


Marc Weiss Black Powder 4 oz (112gm)

Marc Weiss Black Powder is designed as a water buffering agent that has specific beneficial effects ..


Marc Weiss Calcium Vital Plus 16 oz (473gm)

Marc Weiss Calcium Vital Plus has been specifically designed as a "water conditioning catalyst", who..


Marc Weiss Organic Coral Boost 6 oz (177ml)

Marc Weiss Coral Boost is 100% organic. It won't interfere with any other additives you use in ..


Marc Weiss Reef Vital DNA 6 oz (177ml)

Marc Weiss Reef Vital DNA is a water conditioning product that when applied allows the dipole water ..


Prodibio Alka Reef + (1 vial)

Prodibio Alka Reef + maintains optimum levels of alkalinity in reef aquariums by supplying carbonate..


Prodibio Calci Reef + (1 vial)

PRODIBIO Calci Reef + is a hydrogel that maintains optimum levels of calcium, magnesium and part of ..


Prodibio Iodi + (1 vial)

Prodibio Iodi+ provides the iodine needed for coral development and colouring. The product enab..


Prodibio Reef Booster (1 vial)

Prodibia Reef Booster is a finely micronized nutrient supplement for corals and live rocks. ..


Prodibio Stronti + (1 vial)

Prodibio Stronti+ adds the strontium needed to stimulate hard coral and clam growth and the producti..