Maintaining a saltwater aquarium is more work than putting a tank together, fill it with marine life and saltwater, and leave it as it is aside from feeding and periodic clean-up work. At some point, you might need to make upgrades, or just make repairs. Harvest Fish and Pets have a variety of marine aquarium miscellaneous accessory supplies in store online, lending you a very much needed help at such times.

Here you can find supplies of saltwater aquarium accessories such as hoses, air outlets, fixtures to support other components like aquarium filter media and wavemakers, feeding clips for holding marine fish food, thermometers, sealants and more. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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Green Hose Pipe (12mm - 16mm) - Per Meter

Green Hose Pipe is designed with non-toxic material and environmentally friendly product.Key Feature..


Green Hose Pipe (16mm - 22mm) - Per Meter

Green Hose Pipe is designed with non-toxic material and environmentally friendly product.Key Feature..


A3978 Fluval LED Cabinet Mounting Clips

Fluval Performance LED Mounting Kit are for Fluval Performance LED Lighting  fixtures as below ..


Aquaforest Coral Fix - 112gm

Key Features:Special plastic two-component mass for joining small rocks and attaching stony corals t..


Aquaforest Stone Fix - 1500gm

Key Features:Quickly bonding glue based on cementBest for joining large elements of live or ceramic ..


Kamoer Dosing Pump Bracket

Key Features: The mounting bracket is durable and made of high quality materials​ The mounti..


KSP-F03A Kamoer Dosing Pump - 3 Outlets

KSP-F03A Kamoer Dosing Pump (3 Outlets) is mainly used to quantitatively add aquarium additives, suc..


Nirox AA-997 Clear Silicon Glue - 32gm

Key Features: Durable Waterproof seal and stops leaks Stay flexible and does not crack or shrink Non..


OB-300S Reef Octopus Siphon Overflow Box

Key Features: Siphon overflow Box High quality acrylic with single outlet Including John G..


Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip

Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip helps to duplicate natural feeding behavior by holding food intact..


PK EcoTech Marine Coral Propagation Kit

Introducing a coral propagation and frag kit for the reef enthusiast. The PK Ecotech Marine Coral Pr..


Seachem Coral Plugs - 12pcs

Seachem's Coral Plugs are a chemically advanced means of supplying a unique platform for the stable ..


Seachem Digital Spoon Scale

When precision matters, the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale is the perfect companion tool for the seriou..


Seachem Reef Glue - 20gm

Reef Glue™ is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for gluing and mounting coral frags and colonies to reef ..