Fan & Chiller

Marine life, like all animals living on land, is affected by temperature of their environment. However, water temperature is one aspect many tend to neglect when keeping marine life as pets. Fortunately, this is also one issue that can be easily addressed, with the selection of Harvest Fish and Pets’ marine cooling fans and chillers supplied.

These cooling fans and chillers are very effective supplies in lowering water temperature in saltwater and freshwater aquariums alike, with a number of practical benefits including easy installation, silent operation and energy-saving, ensuring your marine pets get to live well in a cosy environment at all times. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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D-333-B Easy Aqua Up Cooling Fan 12V - With AC Adapter

Key Features:Adjustable speed of DC cooling fan with AC adapterElegant and beautiful styleHang on de..


H902 Hopar 2 Fan Cooling System (25cm x 13cm x 4.5cm)

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R-C-001 Easy Aqua Cooling Fan 12V - Simple Type

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R-C-003 Easy Aqua Cooling Fan 12V - With Temperature Controller

Key Features: Adjustable speed of DC cooling fan with AC adapter Elegant and beautiful style Ha..