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API Stress Zyme 3.8L contains millions of beneficial live bacteria that are able to break down and consume organic matters. These bacteria are uniquely suited to consume aquarium sludge, thus keeping your plants, gravel bed and even the glass clean. This concentrated solution (over 300 million live bacteria/teaspoon) breaks down organic compounds that can cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia and nitrite poisoning as well as low oxygen levels. These bacteria improve the development of biological filter, hence water quality is indirectly improved. No refrigeration necessary.

Key Features:

  • All natural
  • Help to keep aquarium clean
  • Reduce aquarium maintenance
  • Improve biological filter
  • Boost the natural aquarium cycle
  • Add beneficial bacteria for a healthy aquarium
  • Contain concentrated live bacteria to consume sludge in the gravel bed
  • 3.8L treats 28769L
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater use
Conditioner Specs
  • Live bacteria
  • For aquarium maintenance: add 1 tablespoon (5ml) to 10 US Gal (38 L) of water weekly
  • For new aquarium setup: use double dosage for the first 3 weeks
  • Do not store above 120°F (49°C)
  • 3.8L
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Q: What does STRESS ZYME do?

A: STRESS ZYME contains live bacteria which help break down organic waste and clean a dirty aquarium, as well as optimizing the efficiency of the biological filter.

Q: Does STRESS ZYME contain nitrifying (filter) bacteria?

A: No, STRESS ZYME does not contain nitrifying (filter) bacteria. Our other product QUICK START contains live nitrifying (filter) bacteria.

Q: Do I need to keep STRESS ZYME in the fridge?

A: No, there is no need to refrigerate STRESS ZYME. However, for optimum results it is best not to store it in a place where the bottle is repeatedly freezing and thawing.

Q: Can I use STRESS ZYME with other API products?

A: Yes, you can use STRESS ZYME with all other API products.

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