Health Care

Small animals are tricky to be kept in good health due to their size and being inherently delicate. Knowing this, we at Harvest Fish and Pets supply a range of healthcare products designed specifically for small animal use, helping you to have an easier time in maintaining the health of your tiny pet.

Designed to accommodate to the needs of small animals like gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits, these vitamin and nutrition supplements, creams, and therapy sprays are high quality, safe, hygienic and affordable products to help keep them healthy, lively, strong and happy, in an effective, efficient and relatively easy manner. Get the best bargains you can get from pet stores online today, with us at Harvest Fish and Pets.

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8228 Bengy Vitamin For Hamster & Small Animals 120ml

Health supplement for your pets which is suitable for rabbit, hamster, rat, mouse & small animal..


Cosy Pet Multi Vitamin 24ml

Cosy Pet Multi Vitamin contains vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E, K and essential amino acid.Key Featur..


Green Empire Milk For All Pets 350gm

Green Empire Milk is essentials to provide additional nutrition for your pets. It's specially formul..


Himalaya Canisep Cream 30gm

 Key Features:Canisep acts as antimicrobial agentInhibits the growth of micro-organismsActs..


Oxbow Natural Science Critical Care - 36gm

Critical Care is a premium recovery food which can be given to herbivores that are unwilling to eat ..


Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support - 120gm

Natural Science - Digestive Support is a high-fibre supplement containing various herbal ingredients..


Oxbow Natural Science Multi-Vitamin - 120gm

Natural Science Multi-Vitamin is a hay-based, high-fibre supplement containing essential vitamins to..


Oxbow Natural Science Senior Support - 120gm

Natural Science Senior Support supplement contains long-strand fibre and various beneficial ingredie..


Oxbow Natural Science Skin & Coat - 120gm

Natural Science Skin and Coat support promotes skin and coat health in small animals. Key Feature..


Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support - 120gm

Natural Science Urinary Support is a high-fibre supplement containing various beneficial ingredients..


Oxbow Papaya Fruit Plus 100gm - Digestive Enzymes

Oxbow’s Papaya Fruit Plus contains a measurable concentration of active enzymes. Made from the fresh..